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SENTUM Heart is a completely natural combination which was made for men and women who are doing sport. This supplement will help your heart work better, blood flows faster and will be an everyday prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and heart attacks. If you are doing sports this supplement will be a very good additional support to you heart, by reducing bad cholesterol and reducing blood pressure, you will have faster regeneration and better results. If you mostly have a sitting lifestyle, this supplement is also a great choice, because small physical activity can promote heart diseases. SENTUM Heart was made with a team of doctors and nutrition specialists. It had a several stages of medical approval and finally was made from 5 completely natural ingredients with strong synergy between them. SENTUM Heart supplement used by professional sportsmen, recommended by nutrition specialists, doctors, and used by people for prophylaxis.

SENTUM Heart – modern supplement for active people

How to use?

Take SENTUM Heart 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening.


Coenzyme Q10, Olive Leaf (4:1), Grape Seed (15:1), Pomegranate Leaf (1:1), Raspberry Leaf (3.5:1)


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